PWA Review

Partner With Anthony Product Review
Partner With Anthony Product Review

Partner With Anthony Review

Partner With Anthony

This is my quick and short review of the Partner With Anthony (PWA) program by Anthony Morrison.

The very first affiliate program I've ever joined goes back to around 2002 as I realized that the Internet was booming. I realized that the Internet is a place where people can do business from all over the world with people all over the world and that there’s tons of money spent online. Well, this is no longer a fad. This is no longer a kind of fly-by thing. This is here to stay. This is the future. 

And what I did, I started researching products, programs, and teachers because I knew I needed the right mentor. I knew I needed the right coach. I knew I needed the right person to help me in my journey because I didn’t know what I needed to be successful.

So I joined many what so-called gurus who let me down big time as none of them stayed up to their promises. As a result, I wasted thousands of dollars, so I gave up for a few years until I came across one of Anthony Morrison's courses back in 2016. I believe it was called called "Train With Anthony"!

But because I had been stung by almost every so-called guru that I had joined, I thought he was just another one of them so I pulled out before the end of the 30-day money-back guarantee period and claimed my refund.

I never joined any affiliate program until I received an enticing email in August 2019 to join the PWA program, not realizing it belonged to the same owner of TWA as I had forgotten all about Anthony over the years until I recognized his face! 

So I thought, oh no, not him again 🙃😳😁 But then I thought let me give him a chance for a week or two and see what he offers. And HONESTLY, the PWA program was well beyond my expectations.

I can confidently claim that it is one of the BEST programs of its kind that I have ever joined or even come across. I now regret pulling out of his TWA as I feel I've wasted over 3 years of mastering the Internet marketing and making loads of money!

I say this about the Partner With Anthony program because not only does he help you build your business as YOUR partner, but he also does this for just $7 a month, which is unheard of! You get so much value for such a small price.

Why I Joined Partner With Anthony

I decided to join the Partner With Anthony program because:

  • It contains multiple profit centers
  • Anthony does a lot of the teaching, and a lot of promotion and all you to do is follow a step-by-step series of modules
  • It consists of 30 in-depth video sessions over 30 days so you don’t get overwhelmed. With the video sessions that are delivered to you every 24 hours, you can always watch them at your pace
  • It is an easy step-by-step over his shoulder training on all you need to know about Internet marketing that can be applied on virtually every product and affiliate program of every niche
  • It contains Done-For-You emails and funnels
  • It provides awesome customer support
  • It makes sense, so I thought let me give it a shot. I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical. I didn’t know if it would work for me. I didn’t know if it would be phenomenal
  • Anthony will help you build your list
  • He'll help you build your commission accounts
  • He'll profit when YOU profit - this is super important

Another reason is the fact that Anthony is constantly sharing with you different ways to get traffic. He shows you how to get traffic from key sources like Facebook, Solo Ads, YouTube, Instagram. He even invites experts who do his Facebook ads to show you the best way to create Facebook ads.

He does recommend that you get the essential tools needed to run your online business but he doesn’t push you to buy them and certainly not the unnecessary tools.

With Anthony, you are a PARTNER! I truly feel that I am essentially a partner because this course allows us to partner with him instead of just being taught by him.

So, I thought it makes more sense to partner with someone who has invested interest in me being successful than just trying to learn from someone who doesn’t care if I’m successful or not. And there are heaps of them out there!

You see, you’re partnering with an expert to set up your business, not just a teacher!

I checked the course out a little bit more and found myself glued to it because it's a magnet! On the surface, this may seem a little complicated, but it's very simple when you see how it all works.

You can check it out yourself by clicking the link below this video.


The Issue

I have...

  • struggled to make money on the Internet
  • tried so many things that just failed
  • bought so many courses and joined so many affiliate programs that honestly never were worth it to spend a penny on them
  • bought in so many of these gurus that never followed up to help me with anything that I’ve done

The Solution:

If your story is anything like mine, or if that’s how you feel, or if you’re tired of someone else controlling your life, and if you want to start your Internet marketing, then check out what Anthony’s got for you. It works for me. It’s helping me. I love it and I truly believe it could be an asset to you. Give it a go and if for whatever reason you don't think it's for you, cancel your subscription. It's only $7 per month!

After trying several programs over many years, I could confidently say that the Partner With Anthony program is probably the best in the market; however, I'll be very honest with you! There's NO short cut, and it is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme! You MUST have the time and passion to do it! Otherwise, don't bother!


Partner With Anthony - Summary

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5





In a nutshell, it's a high quality and affordable program!


Partner With Anthony - Conclusion


  • Very low investment of $7 per month 
  • 30-Day program with over 120 videos 
  • Excellent customer support
  • Multiple profit centers
  • With Anthony, you're a PARTNER, NOT just a student
  • You pay monthly and can cancel at any time. No penalty


    The only drawback I can think of is that Anthony's "Sales Funnels" are created using ClickFunnels which is probably the best but it might be a bit expensive at first until you start making money! So, you can use ClickFunnels or re-build the sales funnels using an alternative like Thrive Architect!


Inside the Partner With Anthony Program, Anthony will walk you through the training step-by-step building your business. He'll walk you through to get the main tools you’re going to need to succeed.

And instead of doing your business on your own, you’ll do it with a celebrity expert. And you can watch the video sessions that are delivered to you every 24 hours at your pace.

I feel my review is biased, but it is NOT! I just couldn't find major faults. And if it wasn't very awesome, I would've pulled out ages ago!

So, if you ever want to succeed in online marketing, then simply partner with a TRUE MENTOR who has massive success online to increase your probability of success.