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At Affiliates Kit, we specialize in helping entrepreneurs like you find the necessary tools to master online marketing super fast to make more sales no matter what they sell.

If you need the essential tools to promote and sell more of whatever you sell, enjoy more credibility, and stand out from the crowd, we can help you.

Here is a snapshot about me:

  • Graduate from Hull University – UK 
  • Author of Personal Development with Success Ingredients
  • Started the online business the hard way in 1998, gave up after a few years, and came back again strong in 2016
  • Have been stung by many so-called "marketing gurus," but now I know the ingredients needed to succeed in the most economical way
  • Have built my customer base, and it's growing by the day
  • Escaped the 5-9 rat race and started mortar and brick businesses
  • Started multiple online businesses as passive income
  • Went bankrupt in 2010, closed down my brick and mortar businesses, and lived on borrowed money for three years
  • Worked as a freelance real estate broker to survive the hard times
  • Finally, I decided to reconsider starting my online business to do affiliate marketing, and I managed to become debt free in less than 18 months

When you want to have the necessary tools to master online marketing super fast and help you make more sales no matter what you sell, in almost every niche and every industry you can dream of, enjoy more credibility, and stand out from the crowd, look no further.

You don't need every gadget out there, but you cannot start without some essential ones unless you're super lucky!

Being where you are, I know the best tools and resources you need to succeed online. And that's why I created my online presence to help rookies and veterans use the essential and most cost-effective tools to run their businesses.

I don't just teach or recommend these tools; I actually use them. Many people are teaching Internet marketing, and the vast majority of them make money by teaching other people the Internet marketing strategies they learned about online. 

Dan Kennedy calls those people "shovel sellers" because, during the gold rush, the people who made the most money were the ones selling the shovels. Today's "shovel sellers" are selling you Internet marketing strategies without actually using any of the strategies themselves.

The difference between most of my competitors and me is that I actually do this, for real. That's right. I use every one of the tools I reveal on this website.


Mo Joe

CEO & Founder